Wood Slab Table for Simple Usage

Wood slab table actually can be used on your place as if you do not really often to use the table for general usage. You may need it to hold your stuffs while working, yet you do not actually need it every time you are working. Thus, beside you can save more money, since the […]

Wood Console Table as Eye-Catcher Point

Wood console table somehow can be considered to be placed upon your place as if you want to add another fresh, nice, yet not too old-century in look of the furniture. Therefore, rather than throw too many energy for choosing which material is the best to be used as console table material, you can immediately […]

Wood Picnic Table for Never Gets Old Atmosphere

Wood picnic table actually can be included into another brand new table style to be placed upon your home, or perhaps outdoor garden, in order to bring you up into different atmosphere. Well, ever since the modernity really caught you up into the smallest stuffs, you can try to add up such a natural stuffs […]

Recognize Solid Wood Table Tops

Solid wood table tops which are intact or solid wood are deliberately set up to create the table. This table can be used as the dining table, cafe or restaurant table, a table for a meeting in the office and much more. Now, there are many models that are unique to this type of table […]

More Green with Reclaimed Wood Table

Reclaimed wood table is the recycled furniture which is very human friendly. Lately, the trend of furniture manufacturer is competing campaign for environmentally friendly furniture. So, whether is the wood recycled? Recycled wood is processed scrap wood bridge, a former ship, the former dock, or used houses are old and usually used wood used is […]

Your kitchen with Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Reclaimed wood dining table is a table with recycled wood.  The used wood usually has a strong character like teak. Having a dining table made of scrap wood is something interesting. This is due to the warmth of the kitchen can increase because shapes, patterns, and colors presented by this scrap wood. Design Model for […]

The Trend of Solid Wood Dining Table

Solid wood dining table is a dining table made of solid wood. Wood intact here is a mix of wood that does not exist or the connection of other wood in its processing. Usually the wood used to be a piece of wood is wood that is identical to the tamarind wood is intact with […]

Complementing the Living Room with a Rustic Coffee Table

Rustic coffee table is a table for entertaining guests who usually placed in the living room with simple shapes such as existing or owned by the rural community as a table that serve coffee or other drinks for their guests. The Concept of Rustic Coffee Table The initial concept which is now a trend among […]

Outdoor Coffee Table for a Romantic Atmosphere

Outdoor coffee table can create the atmosphere of a cup of coffee with our partner to be more romantic. The concept is simple to make people love it. We can enjoy a cup of coffee outdoors while enjoying the scenery around it. The Concept of Outdoor Coffee Table on the Seashore Who is not fascinated […]

Storage Coffee Table very Practical

Storage coffee table is a table that has drawers which have the function of storing your coffee drink equipment to be more practical. Tables are usually made of wood has several storage drawers which usually contain cups, sugar, coffee, creamer, tea and some equipment and other coffee. Function Storage Coffee Table It’s clear if the […]